I am Atthapong R., a young creative who spends the entire time catching what’s happening on the internet, hears at a glance what people are tweeting, explores pop-culture , gifs and memes. Just on a purpose that wishes to apply all those into the work I’ll be making to make sure it could be a cool work that is literally works for clients’ marketing situation.

I grew up watching a funny ads since I was young, that was the time that I didn’t even realise how much I had a passion for it but to look back then, being influenced by the funny ads era made a completely me today, to be a funny person. As you might see down here, a parody film I made for fun and there are a lot more silly stuff I have been made.

By being in this industry for a while, I have got a belief and it keeps telling me that I can do something bigger than myself. I am a tiny person but Advertising always gives me a hand to do something, a louder voice to project, a way to help the target outs.  So I tell myself trying to deliver something new to this industry, something good for this society and I will keep doing it.