LOST - TROS Zinc Series

Gen Z always wants to explore something new that could be a perfect match to their lifestyle and even their love ones. Furthermore, a charm is something that could bring them what they never expect before. 

TROS Zinc Series, grooming products for men would like to be a part of men’s lifestyle. They need to encourage men to live their life freely, go wherever their heart takes and if they are unluckily fall into some circumstances, they can get a way from it with their confidence and charm.

“TROS – LOST หลง รอดA branded video content telling a story of a young reckless man who has a thought that life must get lost then we would find something we never expect. He decided to travel alone in Japan just for his fun. Ultimately, this getting lost situation gives him a mysterious girl who gets him locked up. “How to get away with it?” is a question that pops in his head. What will be the key that can help him like usual?





Back in the beginning of 2018, Procter and Gamble global would like to cut down the advertising budget. In a meantime, they were also looking for another way that could work with less budget and time. Google stepped in the game and invited P&G (Rejoice) to join a Youtube Lab (A project that they make a brand meets a content creator and also the agency who works as the brand’s partner to work together and created a limited-budget branded content.

To introduce a new product named ‘REJOICE PERFUME Smooth”, a shampoo that featured the perfume scented. We decided to created branded content to make a conversation between a brand and their consumers. It happended to be a Korean-drama but only a trailer to tell a part of the story and make the target feel curious what it is about. But when they watched it till the end. Then they realised that It was a branded content by Rejoice New Product that has a unique selling point about the scented.


A story of young Korean girl who is seeking for her dream, to be a pop star. But her major obstacle was an outer look which is not accepted elsewhere. So she ran away to Thailand then met a man who seemed likely to fall for her and helped her to achieve a dream. At the end she found out a secret behind.

Creative Directors : Apiwat Pattalarungkhan & Irvine Prisilia
Copy-writer :  Jidapa Udomkittivorakul
Art-director : Atthapong Rakkhatham
P&G Thailand Hair Care team : Shin Yoo Jung, Teerapat Pongmaytee.
Production team: Buffet Channel