Own Brand Product – TESCO


Tesco Lotus has their own brand products and would like to communicate to the target for them to perceive a quality that comes with a reasonable price. Therefore, we had done few campaigns for each product right down below. They Mostly leaded by a short online video that we get consumer attention with sense of humor. Check them out!

TESCO - PALM OIL (The mission)

SAVE WORLD, SAVE CRUNCH – กรอบกู้สิ่งดีๆ
A campaign for Tesco Lotus Palm Oil which its benefits are to help you get your fried menu more crunchy-delicious. And It also contains OMEGA 3,6,9 which are good to your and your love ones’ health.


THE REALEST – เทสโก้ขนมไทย แท้กว่านี้ไม่มีละ
Since some people may feel desserts that are sold in a convenience store would be less quality and its taste wouldn’t be real, while Tesco lotus express has the realest thai desserts; rosted banana and thai taro pudding. To communicate this, we show food shots with a thai rhyme voice over to tell how authentic in thai we truly are and understand!

TESCO - THAI SNACKS (The unstopable)

THE UNSTOPABLE – อร่อยแบบไทยแท้ เบรกแตก
Next is Sugar coated taro sticks. The one in The Authentic Thai snack by Tesco Lotus. Its video clip tells how well it has been made. They only use well quality materials. Just to make you feel like you can not help yourself to stop eating it until it causes other in a trouble.

TESCO - GO COOK PAN (The new wave)

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THE NEW WAVE – คลื่นลูกใหม่แห่งวงการครัว
Go cook is an imported non-stick pan from UK under the name of Tesco. To make consumers get its unique selling point real quick, we used the sound that thai people already known for a long time which seems likely a sound of SIAM Water Park spot. So, when they hear it, they can sense about how flow it is.