Branded Content


Back in the beginning of 2018, Procter and Gamble global would like to cut down the advertising budget. In a meantime, they were also looking for another way that could work with less budget and time. Google stepped in the game and invited P&G (Rejoice) to join a Youtube Lab (A project that they make a brand meets a content creator and also the agency who works as the brand’s partner to work together and created a limited-budget branded content.

To introduce a new product named ‘REJOICE PERFUME Smooth”, a shampoo that featured the perfume scented. We decided to created branded content to make a conversation between a brand and their consumers. It happended to be a Korean-drama but only a trailer to tell a part of the story and make the target feel curious what it is about. But when they watched it till the end. Then they realised that It was a branded content by Rejoice New Product that has a unique selling point about the scented.


A story of young Korean girl who is seeking for her dream, to be a pop star. But her major obstacle was an outer look which is not accepted elsewhere. So she ran away to Thailand then met a man who seemed likely to fall for her and helped her to achieve a dream. At the end she found out a secret behind.

Creative Directors : Apiwat Pattalarungkhan & Irvine Prisilia
Copy-writer :  Jidapa Udomkittivorakul
Art-director : Atthapong Rakkhatham
P&G Thailand Hair Care team : Shin Yoo Jung, Teerapat Pongmaytee.
Production team: Buffet Channel



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